Stage 1 Route Map

On this map you can choose to show and hide the individual projects that we plan for Stage1 and the different land tenures. The line colours vary by land tenure, e.g. Yellow is private land, Blue is within the road corridor. The project scopes are a bit flexible at this stage and the numbers 01-07 are arbitrary as we have not actually scheduled any projects. We are working on the final details to get each project to shovel ready or investment ready.

Map with all the details

The lines are the proposed trails (bold is preferred route, translucent is not preferred and very translucent is not feasible). The lines are colour coded to land tenure – Road, Unformed Legal Road, Private Land, Council reserve land and DoC land. As on the first map you can filter these by checking or unchecking the relevant box.

There are 3 layers of information.

The points with blue markers and clusters (click on these to zoom in) are all the points where additional structures were identified by Opus, or more recently by us. Think of these as additions to the line and if they have length, the length does not increase the trail length. For example you may see trail type GG for 450m and 20m of Type 2 at a location on the GG. This avoids having the extra trail records of say GG then Type 2 then back to GG and the total length remains at 450m.

The circles are Design Issues – and are being added as we speak. These include driveways, subdivision access (private road) and AT Road crossings. Eventually each of these will get a blue marker point that records our intended treatment, e.g. nothing, gates, signage, pedestrian island, underpass, and drop off the map.

About these maps

These maps are an extract of the WSP Opus analysis (features with an ID less than 1000) taken directly from their supplied spreadsheet. The popups of the types are also copy and pasted from their technical documentation. As a rule everything is in sort of the right place and all the assets that WSP identified are there. We (the TWG and MTS) have added to the list some existing trails and some proposed assets that have been identified independently of Opus.

The location of the lines and features on these maps are indicative and accurate to +/- 10 meters. We will be doing proper surveys to ensure that parts of the trail that are to be in public land or the road corridor will be in their proper place.

Quite a few of the pop ups will have a broken image link. We are slowly assembling appropriate images for the structures and sections that have specific design (e.g. underpasses and long bridges). In the meantime I have left the broken links as these will automatically heal themselves when I upload the image.

As nothing is perfect in this world please call out any errors and we can fix the diagram…